Curriculum - Gifted Education

Gifted Education 

Whilst we are a small school, St. Joseph's provides numerous opportunites for students who are gifted in all key learning areas. 

Our School Improvement Plan and strategic planning has had a focus on the area of Mathematics. We are establishing the following practices at St. Joseph's:

  • Differentiation within the classroom to cater for students who need extension in the area of Mathematics
  • Acceleration of students who are working above their stage level in Mathematics
  • Gifted enrichment days at St. Clare's High School, Taree
  • 'Virtual Academy' for gifted students (this is expected to begin in Term 2, 2018). The students will be able to log into a virtual classroom to work on projects to entend on their learning in Mathematics
  • The Maths Olympiad competition will be held at St. Joseph's in 2018 for all capable mathematicians in Years 4, 5 and 6
  • Newcastle Permanent Maths Competition and University of New South Wales assessments are offered and promoted to students achieving well in the area of Mathematics

St. Joseph's are committed to making sure each child who is achieving above their stage level is catered for at our school. 

Amanda Pomplun

Leading Teacher – Literacy and Numeracy