Principal - Welcome

Welcome to St Joseph’s Bulahdelah. Our school community is part of the wider community of the Myall Coast Catholic Parish and as a parish school we aim to educate our pupils within the framework of Christ’s gospels. We strive to create a loving, caring, compassionate, just and forgiving environment where each child feels secure and happy. Within this environment we aim to provide high quality, educational activities that provide all students with the opportunity to achieve their potential. As a Catholic school we aim to build our sense of community through meaningful liturgy, prayer, symbols and rituals.

We aim to make all families feel welcome and part of our school community as parents are a vital and valued component of the school. We are firmly committed to the ideal of working in partnership with each family. By working together we can help your child develop for a future in this third millennium. You are your child’s first and most important teacher and your attitudes and values will shape those of your child. It is of vital importance to your child’s educational growth that you play an active role in his/her education. The school offers many opportunities for parental involvement: through the P&F, library, canteen and a variety of classroom and school activities.

As well as the Key Learning Areas (English, Mathematics, etc) we have choir, debating, public speaking and many sporting activities. Stewardship of our environment is highlighted through our environmental groups and social justice initiatives are part of our ethos. We strive to develop discerning students who are able to use the knowledge gained, not only for themselves, but also for the good of society as a whole. Cultural experiences are also very important, as is developing a love of learning so that all students become life-long learners.

At St Joseph’s we strive to give children a love of learning, a joy in discovering and experimenting. We have a responsibility to challenge children, encourage them to take risks without fear of failure and help them feel secure within themselves, confident to tackle whatever life has to offer.

School is not just about academics: it is also about making new friends, being part of a larger community, having new experiences, being involved and learning about life. Together, as parent and teacher, we work for the most important people at St Joseph's: our children.

By acknowledging the dignity and nurturing the potential of each child we are confident as a school community that we can work together to provide our students with the best educational environment that will sustain their growth and talent.

As the Principal of St Joseph’s Bulahdelah I feel it is indeed a privilege to educate the children in my care and to live and work in the beautiful caring environment that is St Joseph’s Bulahdelah.

With Every Good Wish

Joanne Trotter